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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Kinnaman Elementary. A great way to learn about these opportunities is to come to PTO meetings. Check the Kinnaman calendar for meeting dates. We have many opportunities that are categorized in 3 areas.  They include:

  • In School Help:  Help out during the school day in the office, classroom, library, and various other areas. This is a fantastic way of learning how the school works and to be side by side with the wonderful people who teach our children.
  • Event Volunteers:  Kinnaman Elementary sponsors events that support our school. For example, we have a school carnival, staff appreciation week, and book fair. These are great opportunities for people with jobs outside of the home who want to help our school in a meaningful way.  
  • Event Managers/Coordinators: We have many opportunities for people to lead our other volunteers for our events and campaigns. These volunteer opportunities are perfect for you to build your professional work experience, leadership skills, and make a huge difference for the staff at Kinnaman.  Does this seem a little scary? Don’t worry - these events have been going on for years and the PTO can provide you with as much background and support as you need to master the event and even add your own creative flair to it.

Getting started is easy! Just click the Volunteer Application & Background Check link below!